Review | Samsung Galaxy S8+ with Three UK


Review | Samsung Galaxy S8+ from Three

Three UK were kind enough to lend me the Samsung Galaxy S8+ for a month along with a months data, calls and text allowance.

First off, I’ll let you know that I have had an iPhone ever since the iPhone 3G came out 9 years ago and some would say I’m a bit of an Apple geek!

But sometimes you’ve got to try something new! This review is based on my usual use of a smartphone as a parent and a blogger. Please note that my comparisons are against using my 2 year old iPhone 6S+

Review Samsung S8+ Three UK Blogger

First Impressions

I think I fell in love with the design of the phone straight away – it was so shiny, smooth, just looked and felt great!

It does have a slightly different charger from previous models which means you only have the charger that comes with the phone and not the multiple other cables you have around the house.

The expandable memory is a plus for me as my iPhone is currently the 128GB version so I love the fact that there is the standard 64GB model of the Samsung S8+ which you can then boost the memory with a micro SD card as I know a lot of people struggle with phone memory.


All the usual apps you would expect to be available, such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, are in the Play Store ready for you to download.

Looking for most of the apps which I use on a regular basis and the two I could not find were Canva and Tweetbot. There are plenty of Twitter apps available, however I couldn’t find one that kept my reading place in my feed and lists quite like Tweetbot – it could be that I just hadn’t found the right one!

The Google Photos app is perfect to use on this phone for backing up your photos and videos. You can set this to back up in the background so your photos and videos are backed up straight away.

Battery Life

The battery life lasted all day, even with heavier use than normal during the time I was off work – something I struggle with on my iPhone when I usually need to carry a battery pack just in case!

Photo Quality

For me, as a parent and a blogger, photo quality is an important factor when it comes to choosing a phone.

You want to capture those precious moments in the best quality possible for looking back on in years to come.

Here is a few of the photos I took on the Samsung S8+

Review Samsung S8+ Three UK Blogger

Review Samsung S8+ Three UK Blogger

Review Samsung S8+ Three UK Blogger

Review Samsung S8+ Three UK Blogger

Review Samsung S8+ Three UK Blogger

Review Samsung S8+ Three UK Blogger

Infinity Display

One feature that stood out for me was the infinity display, it just made watching videos on YouTube or Stories on Instagram that bit more enjoyable. The vibrant colours really stood out and as they claim it’s the big screen that feels small.

Review Samsung S8+ Three UK Blogger


Overall the Samsung S8+ has left me questioning what phone I’m going to get when I next upgrade. I thought, and those who know me thought, there was no chance that I would make the switch but after a month using the Samsung S8+ I think I could be swayed!

For everyday use as a blogger and a parent, from social media to photo taking the Samsung did not let me down.

*** Samsung Galaxy S8+ was provided on loan by Three UK along with a months data, calls and texts allowance. As always all opinions are my own ***