Our Weekend in Photos (9 – 11th September 2016) | Mummy Mimi


Friday 9th September 2016

After work and nursery we headed to Thaikhun in Union Sq for a family meal.


I decided to try the Ka Nom Jeeb (dumplings) with the steamed vegetables after Daddy had tried the steamed pork & prawn version last time. They were delicious and I would definitely recommend trying them!


Daddy opted to try the Too Man Khao Pod (sweet corn cakes) which were nice and crispy.


For mains I decided to try the Geang Phed (thai red curry) as I have never tried it before and was interested to see what it was like. Daddy opted for the Gai Phad Med (chicken with cashew nuts) with rice noodles.


For S we ordered pork with nut free satay sauce and jasmine rice. He loved the pork and ate his satay sauce straight off his spoon!



Saturday 10th September 2016

The morning started of with some chilled family time at home before heading down the beach to have a look in The Range and Home Bargains.


S then fell asleep on the way home and so not to risk waking him up by moving him inside I sat in the car whilst he napped.


After lunch daddy headed off to work and we headed round to Granny & Grandad M’s.

S then spent the afternoon with Granny whilst I headed to the football with Grandad & Uncle R.


Unfortunately the game ended 1-1 and we headed home to Granny and Grandad M’s for pizza.

Sunday 11th September 2016

Sunday started of with trips to Iceland and Lidl for food shopping.



With Igglepiggle coming along with us of course!

After lunch me and S headed to Seaton Park for the Parkfest event.


However we didn’t stay long as S wasn’t in the best mood after having fallen asleep in the car. He didn’t want to walk or be in the buggy most of the time and trying to carry him whilst pushing the buggy was just not happening.

We decided to head back to the car and head down to Fittie for a walk instead, although it took ages to get back out of the car park at Seaton Park!



We then headed home for dinner and a chilled evening getting organised for work and nursery the following morning.

So that was our weekend? Did you get up to much, let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter?