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CozyPhones Sleep Headphones

Do you find listening to music, an audiobook or podcasts helps you drift off to sleep? Then CozyPhones are perfect for you.

They enable you to listen to your music without disturbing those around you, whether it’s your light sleeping partner or toddler who can hear any sound in the house!

Cozyphones Sleep Headphones ReviewComfort is a priority

Unlike traditional headphones and earphones, these CosyPhones are designed with comfort in mind. Within the soft headband are two small speakers, which are easy to adjust so you can get them perfectly in place for your best hearing position.

Have you ever tried to lie down on the side of your head with earphones in? It’s really not comfy, but with these you hardly notice them and can comfortably enjoy what you’re listening too.

With a long cable you are able to leave your connected device on your bedside table, windowsill or floor next to your bed and still have plenty of room to allow you to move about.

Sound quality

I found that the sound quality was good with these headphones. When you are lying on them the side you are lying on will sound louder but this is no different than if you were wearing other headphones or earphone – just a lot comfier!

Winding down after a long day

One thing I know most of us are guilty of is not winding down enough before bedtime, myself included. These are a great helping hand to ‘switch off’ before bedtime – why not download some relaxing sounds, switch off the lights and listen to them whilst drifting off to sleep.

The CozyPhones Range

Alongside the adults sleep CozyPhones they also have a fab range of kids CozyPhones in lots of colours and designs. From cats to unicorns you are sure to find a design that your wee ones will love.

I know I’ll be investing in a pair for S when he’s a bigger, they’ll be perfect for long car journeys when he’ll want to watch his tablet rather than listen to Mummy’s music!

If you are a runner then CozyPhones also have an active headband headphone range, perfect if those earphones keep slipping out, these will hold the mini speakers in place so you can concentrate on your run without the worry of them falling out.

Where to buy

Cozyphones are an american company which you can order directly from their website, pay in USD or EUR and they will ship to the UK. also stock the CozyPhone range and the CozyPhones sleep headphones featured currently retail for £15.99, at the time of posting (Aug 2017)


These are very comfy headphones and I look forward to using them more and more. And just because they are named sleep headphones doesn’t mean they can only be used at bedtime.

They are great for using at anytime – I can imagine they would be fab for traveling for when you might fall asleep on the plane or for just chilling out on the sofa watching YouTube on the laptop without disturbing anyone else! (or even watching Instagram stories once everyone has fallen asleep in bed!)

And here’s what they look like on – please excuse the sleepy mum look – even with a cheeky snapchat filter added I look shattered!

Cozyphones sleep headphones

*** I was kindly gifted these CozyPhones sleep headphones in return for an open and honest review, as always all opinions are my own ***