Weekly Meal Plan


Since A will no longer be home for dinner on Sunday’s & Wednesday’s due to work we’ve re-organised our usual meal plan.

This week our meal plan is:

Monday – Chicken fajitas

Tuesday – Chilli & sweet potato (not sure for S yet)

Wednesday – Sausages, mash & veg

Thursday – Bolognese & wholewheat penne (Bolognese already made & in the freezer ?)

Friday – Creamy tomato pasta bake & garlic bread

Saturday – Pizza night

Sunday – will depend on what we pick up during the food shop that morning!


Sunday food prep – Bolognese made & in the freezer = weeknight time saver!

My weekday lunches are BBQ chicken salad for Monday to Wednesday, which I make up on a Sunday nigh, then I will make Butternut Squash soup on Wednesday night to do the rest of the week!


Chicken salad lunches ready for the start of the week



  1. You have such a good balanced meal plan for the week, one that seems very good to follow. Your dishes also look so yummy so would love to see individual recipe for me to make 🙂

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