Release Your Potential with 7Seeds


Release Your Potential Masterclass

At the start of December I was invited along to a ‘Release Your Potential’ masterclass held by 7Seeds.

After being welcomed with a buffet and refreshments the masterclass then kicked off with Susan and Lisa both explaining how they came to create 7seeds as well as tell their inspiring life stories.

The 7Seeds Model

The 7Seeds model was explained covering each of the 7seeds, which are:

My Journey: explore your dreams & aspirations
My Story: understand who you are
My Health: learn how to be fit and healthy for life
My Well being: discover how to live life in balance
My Team: explore how to improve your relationships
My Destinations: define your life purpose and goals
My Legacy: identify how you can make a positive difference

The main theme between each of the seeds was looking at your own personal wellbeing and needs, something we can quite easily forget about when we are busy looking after others and getting on with our busy lives.

They explained the importance of looking after yourself, making time to do so and the positive effects this can have on your life.

Insights Discovery Model

We also took part in some practical exercises including a quick mapping of our personalities using the Insights Discovery model.

Out of the four areas – Introverted Thinking, Introverted Feeling, Extroverted Thinking and Extroverted Feeling – I came out as Introverted Feeling, which from the descriptions given sums me up the best out of the four categories.

Being a busy mum who juggles working full time with looking after a toddler, running a blog and the day to day household chores I know that sometimes I need to take time out for me to work on my own self development and during the start of 2017 I am going to use what I have learned in this masterclass to work on gaining a better life balance.

The masterclass was a perfect way to find out about the basics behind the 7Seeds model and also hear about the retreats 7Seeds runs.

The Retreats

During the retreats you will be staying at one of the stunning venues across Royal Deeside, the 7Seeds 5-Day Retreats run from 4pm on Sunday – Noon on Friday.

The Retreat includes:

  • Accommodation
  • All meals and snacks
  • All activities
  • Group learning sessions
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Learning materials
  • Spa treatments are also available on request

Also on offer is the 7Seeds Weekend Mini Retreats which run from Noon on Friday to 2pm on Sunday. These Retreats do not include individual coaching sessions nor our post Retreat Support Programme.

If you would like to find out more from 7Seeds you can find them on the following links –, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram