Friday Favourites | Things to do with my 3 year old in Aberdeen City & Shire


Friday Favourites | Things to do with my 3 year old in Aberdeen City & Shire

I thought this week I would share 5 of my favourite things to do out and about in Aberdeen City & Shire with S.

Visit the winter gardens at Duthie park

S loves the Winter Gardens and could quite happily spend a good hour or so going around them showing you were everything is. The fish are usually first on his list to go to and say hi! Usually we also end up down at the play park with the wooden frames down near riverside drive or going for a walk round the park with S attempting to ride his scooter or bike (or rather pushing him on one of them!)

Visiting the grounds of National Trust for Scotland Properties

Crathes Castle and Drum Castle are relatively short drives from where we live and I loved exploring the gardens last year. We’ve been to a couple other properties but hoping to see more during the year as we have a family membership which is only £7.50 per month – a huge saving on the entry prices of the properties and even the price of parking if you go regularly.

Parent & Toddler Ice Skating Sessions

We discovered this a couple of months ago, the session run on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We have gone a few time on my Thursday’s off and it has been great fun each time we have went. Plus S is becoming more confident at trying new things on the ice rather than just heading for the cosy coupe each time! It’s a great way of getting them introduced to ice skating and we both enjoy it.

Pets Corner at Hazlehead Park

We bought an annual family pass for Pets Corner which was £30. S loves seeing animals, especially watching fish swim around so he always enjoys a visit here. We usually follow our visit with a trip to the café for coffee & babychino’s, usually with a wee treat or a spot of lunch.

Soft Play and/or Trampolining

S loves soft play and now he’s at an age where he can go off exploring without necessarily needing a hand from mum or dad, although he does sometimes still make us crawl through it with him. We’ve been to quite a few soft plays near us and he likes them all & they all serve coffee so it’s a win win situation! I do tend to only go to soft play when it is the quieter time, such as on any days off I have during the week or first thing at weekends.

What are your favourite thing to do with your wee one in Aberdeen City & Shire?

We’re always looking for new adventures in the area, let us know in the comments below or over on Facebook what you like to do with your wee one?