Our Weekend in Photos (27-28th August 2016) | Mummy Mimi


This is our weekend in photos, 27th – 28th August 2016.


The weekend started off with Diet Chef pancakes and a Tassimo coffee – one of my favourite breakfasts but one that there is only usually time for at the weekend!


We then headed to Union Street in Aberdeen to catch the Celebrate Aberdeen Parade. S loved waving his flag as the parade passed by, although a bit too enthusiastically as it ended up ripping but he continued to wave the stick!




In the afternoon we headed to Hazlehead Park for a play date. We popped into Pets Corner before having a play in the park.

We have a family pass for Pets Corner which was £30 for the year and we feel is worth it as S loves having a run around seeing the animals. Plus it means we always have an option of something affordable to do on a nice day!




After a day at the park, and having been everywhere with S for the past couple of weeks, little Igglepiggle was looking worse for wear so after S fell asleep I sneaked him out and popped him in the washing machine.

Thankfully he came out fine, but I did have a spare one on standby! I think we are going to have to start swapping them about, and maybe pick up another backup!



Sunday morning meant time to do the food shop with a trip to Iceland and Lidl to stock up.

After lunch whilst Daddy headed off to work, me and S headed to Union Terrace Gardens to meet a friend and to check out some of the Celebrate Aberdeen events.

Under the arches at Union Terrace there has been some street art created as part of Release the Pressure, which some of the artists were there working on. The creations certainly brighten up the area and the detail in the work was amazing.






Down in the gardens there was music on the main stage, food stalls and a wrestling ring. There was a great atmosphere down in the gardens and the rain thankfully stayed off till home time!

S had great fun running around, listening to the music and making friends with another little boy!



So that was our weekend in photos, what did you get up to? Let us know in the comments below, on Facebook or Twitter!