Our Weekend in Photos (28-29 May 16)


Our weekend in photos, 28th – 29th May 2016…



  • I need new glasses as my current glasses are now too strong for my eyes, but after picking out a couple pairs in ASDA I decided to leave ordering until I take A to get his opinion. Not being able to see properly makes it hard to make a decision on which suit me!
  • Quick nap for S and a cuppa for me.
  • We then headed to the May Festival to meet A after he finished work, and to have a look around.
  • S making friends with a ginger cat, he loves cats just now and this little ginger one was happy with all the attention.
  • Coffee and cake stop at Kilau. Yummy white chocolate & raspberry brownie with a latte for me, scone & hot chocolate for A and S had half chocolate brownie (mummy & daddy split the other half!)
  • Pre dinner evening walk to the harbour with S in my new toddler Connecta carrier, which I have fallen in love with already as it means we can go for walks which we wouldn’t have been able to do with the pram.


  • We went back to the May Festival for a Bookbugs session.
  • Then checked out the Hall of Mayhem section where S loved the bouncy castle and ball pool.
  • Daddy then had to head off to work so the rest of the day was spent food shopping, house work and chill time together for me and S.



  1. I was too late in trying to get tickets but a colleague did & couldn’t go in the end so passed on her tickets. S just caused chaos during the whole thing! ?

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