Our Weekend in Photos (25-26th June 2016)


Our weekend in photos, 25th – 26th June 2016…


Friday evening involved some brownie baking using the brownie recipe from The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. This is one of my favourite recipe books for sweet treats.



Saturday morning involved a couple of trips to the opticians to try and see what was wrong with my new glasses. After picking them up on the Monday evening I had been having problems all week with my sight and struggling to read the computer screen at work.

In the afternoon we popped round to a friends house to catch up with some of the mums and toddlers from our anti-natal group. It was lovely to see the girls and toddlers despite S stressing me out with his behaviour! I felt like he was testing me and pushing the boundaries, and generally doing the complete opposite of whatever I said!

Saturday evening for me was spent catching up with some old school friends with take away. We popped to Muchacho to pick up some food for dinner. I went for the quesadilla with the roasted vegetables filling with pico de gallo salsa. It was really nice and I will defiantly be paying them a visit again.


We had a relatively chilled morning then after S’ nap time and lunch we headed to a local park to play in the sunshine. S loved climbing up the stairs and going down the slide.

After Daddy arrived home from work we headed to Aberdeen beach for a walk before meeting S’ Granny and Grandad for dinner at Chiquitos. I think most of S’ dinner of sausage and chips was thrown about but his mini milk for dessert went down a treat. As did the churros I had.


What did you get up to this weekend?

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  1. #ThisLittleBigLife has taught me that everyone else spends their weekends baking delicious things, I really need to get with the program on that! Also quesadilla – yum! and Churros – YUM! I really need to get a snack before I sit down to read these posts x

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