Our Weekend in Photos (23 – 24th July 2016) | Mummy Mimi


Our weekend in photos, 23rd – 24th July 2016.


Our morning started of with brunch at Cup Aberdeen, on Little Belmont Street, with a friend.

I opted for the pancakes with syrup and bacon, which was delicious. I ordered toast for S and a mini cinnamon swirl, which he appeared to like despite the fact he wouldn’t sit still! It was very busy and S was being a little bit stressful! Toddlers to not make it easy to go out for a bite to eat.



In the afternoon we caught up with a couple of friends in the local park. The boys had great fun running around and playing on the climbing frame and slide.

The evening called for a Dominos treat to save on cooking and also making use of their deal of any medium pizza for £5.99 collection!



We had a reasonably chilled Sunday morning pottering around the flat and then popping to Matalan for a look around.


S decided he wanted to take his car outside for a bit whilst looking out for Daddy arriving home from work.


We then popped over to my parent’s house to go for a walk with the dog. S wanted to hold Daddy’s & Grandad’s hands along with holding the lead!


So that was our weekend, did you get up to much?