Our Weekend in Photos (16-18 Apr 16)


Our weekend in photos, 16th – 18th April 2016…



  • Daddy was working Saturday morning but me & S went to Harvester’s for breakfast with Granny, Grandad & Uncle R.
  • The weather was miserable so after getting a couple car bulbs fitted at Halford’s, me & S snuggled up under a blanked and chilled out in front of the TV… I think he lasted all of 5 minutes watching Monsters University!
  • Saturday night is pizza night and also picked up a couple of the new Rekorderlig cider cocktails.


  • Mummy had to head of to London ahead of a course for work on Monday
  • Daddy & S headed up to Granny & Grandad W’s for a visit.

Monday (not technically the weekend but it was a local holiday):

  • Navigating through rush hour London & far to warm on the tube for me!
  • Daddy & S spent the day with Granny & Grandad W.
  • Home time for Mummy & got home to see my boys at 10pm