Our Weekend in Photos (16-17th July 2016) | Mummy Mimi


Our weekend in photos, 16th – 17th July 2016.


Late Saturday morning me and S met a friend for a walk up Scolty Hill, in Banchory. I was a nice dry day for a walk and S was in the Connecta till the last wee bit back to the car. (Excuse the windswept look at the top of the hill!)


After Daddy got home from work in the afternoon we headed up to his Auntie and Uncle’s house for a family BBQ.

S loved playing with the toys and was so full of energy he was still on the go when we left at 930pm. Although it didn’t take him long to fall asleep in the car!




Late Sunday morning me and S headed out for a walk along the river Dee and around Duthie park. He was in and out the buggy a few times, especially after trying to run in the opposite¬†direction! We also managed to catch a few Pokemon, but I don’t think S was too impressed!

Once Daddy was home from work we decided to take a walk along the beach, however it didn’t last long before the rain came on so the walk was cut short.


So that was our weekend, what did you get up to this weekend?