February Goals


February Goals

Each month I am going to set myself 5 goals, they may be personal, blog or fitness related but I’m hoping doing this will help me get back on track with things after December and January.

1. Aiming to post 2 – 3 blog posts per week.

2. Learn how to use more of the features on my camera and take more photos with S at weekends.

3. Get back on track with healthy eating and structured workouts – so the jeans fit better as they are still a little tight after the festive period! I love the gym but also food especially chocolate. So it’s back to tracking food on myfitnesspal, workouts through my Fitbit and using my food & fitness instagram to create some accountability.

4. Attempt a Vlog over on my YouTube Channel where I’m speaking more to the camera – or at least work on building up to this with Instagram stories as a starting point (You can find us over on instagram here.)

5. Read a complete book – something I have not done is forever but I’m going to make myself read on my Kindle before bed instead of scrolling through my phone. Also hoping this helps with getting better sleep, plus I signed up to Kindle Unlimited on a deal where you get 3 months for £1.99 so I want to make the most of it!

What’s on your goal list for this month?