Meet Aberdeen City & Shire Blogger Amy Smith from Film for Thought


Meet Aberdeen City & Shire Blogger Amy Smith from Film for Thought

Next up in our new blog series, Meet the Aberdeen City & Aberdeen Shire Blogger/Vlogger is Amy Smith from Film for Thought

Amy Smith


Tell us a little about you and your blog/channel: 

I am a film blogger and also a film student at University of Aberdeen. I started the blog for a course that I was doing at college, but have pursued it as I love writing and I loved having a place to put all of my thoughts down.

Where can we find you?

Facebook Page:



Aberdeen City & Shire Favourites

Thing about Aberdeen City & Shire: How local everything is, it is easy to get from one place to another

Thing to do: Socialise and go out for food and drink

Place to Eat: Slains

Place to Visit: Cineworld Union Square

Place to Shop: Forbidden Planet

More about you

Other than Aberdeen City & Shire where would you most like to live? 


Where in the world is on the top of your dream list to visit?


What do you love about Scotland?

I love the scenery and the people that live here

What is your ideal holiday:

The Netherlands

If you could order your favourite foods, what would be your ideal 3 course meal? 

Calamari, Sirloin Steak, Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Favourite film or TV programme Films: 

Back to the Future

What do you enjoy doing most in your spare time? 

Watching movies and writing blog posts

Quick fire round

Tea or Coffee? Coffee

Sweet or Savoury? Sweet

Early Bird or Night Owl? Early Bird

Cat or Dog? Dog

Movies or TV Series? Movies

Winter or Summer? Summer

Starter or Dessert? Starter

Laptop or Desktop? Laptop

Apple or Samsung? Apple

City Break or Beach Holiday? City Break

Your social media faves, who are you loving:

Favourite Blog: Film Inquiry

Favourite Youtube Channel: Shane Dawson

Thanks to Amy for taking the time to complete our Aberdeen Blogger/Vlogger questionnaire, if you a blogger or blogger in Aberdeen City & Shire and would like to take part in our Meet the Blogger/Vlogger series drop me an email at for the questionnaire link 🙂

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